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Gree EVO Air Conditioner – Ductless Mini Split

Gree air conditioners are energy-efficient ductless ac systems that help keep you cool while saving money on your energy bills.

When it comes to ductless mini split air conditioners, the Gree air conditioners are the best money can buy.

In fact, compared to Mitsubishi Mr Slim air conditioners, Gree cost 40% less but equal or better in efficiency in cooling and heating and just as quiet ductless operation.

Gree Air Conditioners – The next evolution of air conditioning.

The Gree ductless air conditioners are a high-efficiency ductless split system designed to run extremely efficient yet are very powerful cooling systems.

Gree Air Conditioners are very compact and beautifully attractive. Gree ac units fit any contemporary style with many choices in colors and styles to fit your interior design needs.

Gree air conditioners come with a wireless remote that is very intuitive as it reads current climate and temperature conditions of any room and adjusts to fit your needs.

Gree ac systems are simple to use so you wont have to worry about reading through any long ductless air conditioner manuals to figure out how to operate your mini split easily and efficiently. Gree ac units are powerful so they will cool down your space much faster than your average ductless ac system but Gree mini splits, despite their power, remain efficient as well.

Gree Air Conditioning

Gree Air Conditioning

The Gree EVO series ductless mini split has a  smart “I Feel Good” Function built-in to the remote and it utilizes the battery operated wireless remote control unit to figure out the temperature using it’s sensor and measures the climate changes and temperature changes your Gree ductless mini split air conditioner will adjust the flow of air from the indoor air handler unit for a maximum mini split air conditioner comfort and energy and utility cost savings.

Gree Air Conditioners – Key features include:

  • Gree Inverter Heat Pump Technology will save you money on energy costs and utilities. Gree ac units are very quiet so you enjoy a huge reduction in noise if you are upgrading from your old ac window unit. Gree air conditioners keep temperatures steady and controlled by getting rid of the harsh starts and stops of conventional ductless ac systems.
  • Gree employes its patented Gold Fin Condensing evaporator Coil which works to protect your ac unit from corrosive effects of the outside air. This condenser helps to extend the life of your mini split ductless system.
  • Gree’s patented “I Feel Function” utilizes the wireless remote control to figure out the current temperatures, adjusting the flow of air providing the absolute maximum home comfort along with excellent energy and cost savings.
  • Gree has air filtration system employing Photocatalytic Filter which will improve the indoor air quality by actually getting rid of 99.9% of mold, bacteria and certain kinds of viruses. The Gree filter also reduces many contaminants and oxidizing odors.
  • Gree Comfortable Sleep Mode will allow you to design a comfort cycle that will follow your sleeping patterns in order to maximize greatest comfort and reduce cost of utility bills.
  • Gree has Intelligent Defrost setting that will help to decrease energy loss and also the amount of time it takes to defrost by only defrosting when needed instead of by a set timer.
  • Gree Ductless Wireless Intelligent “I Feel” remote control.

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